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Facial Reflexology

I am pleased to announce that I am now able to offer Facial Reflexology.

It is inspiring to be trained by Ziggie Bergman who was mentioned in a recent Daily Mail article (see link below). As with foot reflexology there are points on the face which can aid improvements in sleep, relaxation and well being, with an added bonus of improving the client's complexion. I use my fingers to massage these points using oils and specific pressures.

I use organic facial oils * including Frankincense and Rose which have amazing properties to improve the skin as well as smelling fantastic. If you have a sensitive skin and concerned about using fragrances, I can use Grape seed oil instead, or you can have a skin patch test before the full treatment.

For a truly indulgent treatment why not book in for both facial and foot reflexology.

To view the Daily Mail article click hereclick here

* Please note that I am not a trained aromatherapist and use only pre-blended oils.

Facial Reflexology. Raindrops

Facial Reflexology. Water Ripples

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