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TOPIC OF THE MONTH - Do you need to use expensive creams? see bottom of home page.

"If someone wants to suck your toes, those toes should be worth sucking"

Margaret Atwood

****NEW TREATMENT**** Now trained in LED Vegan Gel Polish
Now that the summer season is coming why not book in for a medi-pamper. All the expect training of a Foot Healthcare Practitioner along with soft pampering for your feet. Tailor it to your needs - Nail polish can be added either regular of LED Gel. I can also provide Vegan Treatments including Gel Polish

I am now an Independent Tropic Skincare Ambassador. If you like to use products that are kind to you, kind to your environment and made locally. Please take a look at my Tropic Skincare site for an amazing range that is vegan friendly, cruelty free, gluten free and natural Click here Either order online or drop me an email [email protected]


My name is Johanne Gosling I am a Reflexologist and Foot Healthcare Practitioner. All the initials after my name mean that I am an accredited member of the Association of Reflexologists and British Association of Foot Health Professionals. This provides confidence in my training and professionalism.  As a Reflexologist I am now recognised by the NHS and can be paid for by cash plans.

Over the years I have explored the area of holistic and complementary therapies. I have also always been interested in this field. So after being a stay at home mum the thought of returning to an office environment did not appeal to me or work with my family life. So I retrained as a Reflexologist. After studying for a year and completing 100 case studies I began my company Divine Footcare Ltd. My belief is  that alongside traditional western medicine, reflexology can support healing and naturally restore balance within the body. This is achieved through relaxation, cleansing of  toxins and improving circulation. 

As my clients grew I listened and followed my interests and completed further studies in Conception, Pregnancy & Beyond Reflexology and Facial Reflexology. Observing my clients feet I became aware that some of them were experiencing problems either due to decline in health or mobility issues. So I embarked on 18 Months of further studies and 70 hours of clinic time so that I can now offer my clients foot healthcare in their homes, which is very popular.

I continue to increase my knowledge and from being a Tropic Skincare Ambassador I became aware of the importance of the products we use on our bodies as well as what we eat. I decided to train to be able to offer my clients a cleansing facials with the added benefit of 20 minutes facial reflexology. Now I can also offer Crystal Reflexology and Vegan LED Nail polish.

My customer service ethos is to provide clients with a quality service which is tailored to their needs. I hope to continue to offer this and develop my skills in line with the clients' needs and use as many ethical products as possible. To find out more about each of my services feel free to explore my site or contact me.

I provide clients with professional advice and treatment for their foot problems with a more indulgent therapeutic experience in the comfort of their homes. Covering Kingswood, Tadworth, Chipstead, Redhill, Reigate, Merstham and Epsom. Other areas considered on request. Below you will find links which you may find helpful.

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I cover all surrounding areas to Kingswood including Tadworth, Chipstead, Redhill, Reigate, Merstham and Espom.

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Do I need to use expensive creams?

I am a strong believer in not using expensive creams just because of their packing, imaging or marketing. You need to use creams that are effective. If they happen to be more expensive that is fine.

My clients fall into a few categories as no two patients are the same, so my advice is tailored to them. Lets look at Calluses (Hard Skin)

Medical Needs
Some clients will have such severe hard skin that it becomes cracked and causes fissures that bleed. These need to be treated by a professional such as myself who will treat and give advice of medical products available from either myself of your local pharmacist.

General Needs
Clients with less intensive issues such as hard skin. I can help remove callus to appropriate level and then I advise clients not to use what I refer to as "Cheese Graters", but to use softer options such as regular moisturising or a traditional pumice stone. I personally use an oil infused pamper stone from tropic to maintain the skin as well as a moisturiser.

Moisturisers containing Urea are used to break down hard skin and percentage can range for 10%-40% with higher levels usually only to be used on the advice of a medical professional. Often a general foot moisturisers is sufficient this can be purchased through pharmacists, supermarkets or suppliers such as Amazon and Avon. If you suffer from athletes foot, fungal infections or problems with your feet seek advice before using any cream.

If you choose to use vegan, natural and environmentally conscious products I would recommend Tropic Skincare which you can discuss with myself

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