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Go to my blog to so see if your feet are winter ready?

"I have confidence about my life that comes from standing tall on my own two feet"

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My name is Johanne Gosling I am a Reflexologist and Foot Healthcare Practitioner. All the initials after my name mean that I am an accredited member of the Association of Reflexologists and British Association of Foot Health Professionals. This provides confidence in my training and professionalism. 

My customer service ethos is to provide clients with a quality service which is tailored to their needs. I will continue to develop my skills in line with the clients' needs and use as many ethical products as possible. To find out more about each of my services feel free to explore my site or contact me.

Over the years I have explored the area of holistic and complementary therapies. So after being a stay at home mum the thought of returning to an office environment did not appeal to me or work with my family life. So I retrained as a Reflexologist. After studying for a year and completing 100 case studies I began my company Divine Footcare Ltd. My belief is  that alongside traditional western medicine, reflexology can support healing and naturally restore balance within the body. This is achieved through relaxation, cleansing of  toxins and improving circulation. 

As a Reflexologist I am now recognised by the NHS and can be paid for by cash plans. To find out more please go to the CHNC (Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council) More Info.

As my clients grew I listened and followed my interests and completed further studies in Conception, Pregnancy & Beyond Reflexology and Facial Reflexology.

I have always loved crystals and the power they hold from a weekend course attended over 20 years ago. I decided to train in Crystal Reflexology to offer to my clients as I believe it can enhance the treatment.

Observing my clients feet I became aware that some of them were experiencing problems either due to decline in health. infections, physical problems or mobility issues. So I embarked on 18 Months of further studies and 70 hours of clinic time so that I can now offer my clients foot healthcare in their homes, which is very popular. what is a Foot Healthcare Practitioner

As a professional I am required to follow a programme of "Continual Development" to ensure that I am informed regarding current practices. Recently I have studied children's feet and currently completing a module on dermatology. My studies also include discussing treatments with other Foot professions such as for fungal nail and verrucae. As a Tropic Skincare Ambassador I am aware of the importance of the products we use on our bodies as well as what we eat. I decided to train to be able to offer my clients a cleansing facials with the added benefit of 20 minutes facial reflexology.

I provide clients with professional advice and treatment for their foot problems with a more indulgent therapeutic experience in the comfort of their homes. Covering Kingswood, Tadworth, Chipstead, Redhill, Reigate, Merstham and Epsom. Other areas considered on request. Below you will find links which you may find helpful.

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I cover all surrounding areas to Kingswood including Tadworth, Chipstead, Redhill, Reigate, Merstham and Espom.

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Don't forget your feet during the winter

Its that time of year when feet become ignored and neglected until their is a problem.

It is important to:

1. Keep nails short as they can get caught on socks and get damaged,
2. Make sure boots/shoes still fit so they do not cause corns, calluses or ingrowing toe nails from pressure from ill fitting shoes/boots.
3. Re-heel your shoes/boots as it can affect the way we walk, and our posture leading to back problems and calluses on your feet from pressure.
4. Cream your feet.
5. You may suffer from Athletes foot from being enclosed. If you do suspect you have this please speak to either a Foot Professional or your pharmacist about treatment. Don't forget to treat your shoes and wash you socks on a hot wash.
6. Chilblains - If you suffer from chilblains massage your feet, put on socks and use appropriate pain relief suitable with you own personal medical history (see advice from pharmacist if you are unsure). DO NOT PUT YOUR FEET ON A DIRECT HEAT SOURCE SUCH AS RADIATOR OR HOT WATER BOTTLEblog page

Do not ignore any issues as easier to treat in the early stages,

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