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16th May 2022 
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Medi-Pamer and Dr Remedy Nail Polish Available See below

What is a Foot Healthcare Practitioner & what services do i offer?

I help clients maintain their feet through offering routine maintenance such as cutting toe nails if you cannot reach, to advising and treating ingrowing toe nails, trimming & reducing thickened nails, calluses, corns, painful verrucae and foot & nail infections.

As a member of the British Association of Foot Health Practitioners and the Open College in Foot Health Practitioners you can be reassured that I am CRB checked, insured and continue to develop my knowledge & skills by attending courses and seminars.

I offer a friendly tailored service using the latest foot care techniques and fully sterilised instruments. Through my training and business I have access to numerous professionals from which I can draw inspiration and knowledge. You can be reassured that where necessary I will recommend alternative paths of treatment.

It is not always possible to cure all ailments or appropriate. I can offer advice to improve the cosmetic look of conditions such as fungal and thickened nails. The appearance of feet can have an astonishing effect on individuals confidence affecting the quality of their lives.

Click here Click here for further information on a variety of foot conditions.

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Luxury Medi-Pamper

Why not book in for a Luxury Medi-Pamper. You will full receive a MOT on your feet including cutting nails and removing of callus using scalpels and drills. This is then followed by exfoliation and foot mask and then you feet will be warmed with heated whilst been moisturised. Why not make have whole experience and add a facial too.

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Dr Remedy Nail Varnish

Why do I support using Dr Remedy Polish>

Because they are vegan friendly and use organic ingredients. It is gentle to use as contains no Formaldehyde. Although it cannot cure fungal nail it contains ingredients that will aid in the fight against fungal nail and should not make it worse.

A variety colours are available. Please click here click here to see how the colours look on various skin tones. Please contact me to find out how to get hold of these nail varnishes.

The following is taken from their website

So is Dr.’s REMEDY an antifungal nail polish?
Dr.’s REMEDY is a cosmetic. Dr.’s REMEDY is not FDA approved and cannot make claims to cure fungus. Note, no over-the-counter cosmetic legally can make such claims. Dr.’s REMEDY is a ‘cleaner’ nail polish, doctor recommended, and patient testimonials say their nails are stronger and whiter after using Dr.’s REMEDY. Dr.’s REMEDY is a good preventative to avoiding discoloured nails, and is a recommended as an adjunct to any medication.

Dr.’s REMEDY is a podiatrist formulated nail care collection and is the first nail polish to receive the APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) Seal of Approval. Dr.’s REMEDYŽ, Enriched Nail Polish contains a patented blend of naturally occurring anti fungal ingredients as well as, nourishing additives not found in traditional lacquers.

Every bottle is free of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, parabens, and phthalates—all potential health hazards. Dr.’s remedy can be used in conjunction with topical fungal medications or nail fungus prevention products and should not perpetuate the condition. Dr.’s REMEDY can restore discoloured, weak brittle nails and help maintain healthy looking nails.

Dr.’s REMEDY appeals to a wide range of patients which may include:

Patients with yellow, discoloured nails.

Patients with vitamin deficiencies and dry, brittle nails

Those recovering from chemotherapy

Diabetic patients

Pregnant women looking to avoid harsh chemicals

Children who wish to limit exposure to formaldehyde

Patients looking to maintain strong healthy nails

Vegans, Dr.’s Remedy utilizes a range of organic ingredients.

Dr.’s REMEDYŽ is a line of podiatrist formulated nail care created by board certified podiatrists, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel. The collection of nail colours and nail care solutions can minimise the appearance of dry brittle nails, hydrate nails and cuticles and improve the wear-time of your nail colour. Dr.’s REMEDY consists of popular shades of nail colour along with nail care treatments such as base coat, top coat, cuticle care and a nail hydration. Each product is infused with a special blend of ingredients selected by Dr. Cirlincione and Dr. Spielfogel. This blend includes: biotin, wheat protein, tea tree oil, garlic bulb extract, vitamin C and lavender.
Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel are board certified practicing Podiatric Surgeons based in New York who founded Dr.’s Remedy to address the needs of their patients. Both doctors have spent years of study and training in the field of Podiatry. Although, skilled surgeons, they realize a top reason patients come into their office is because of brittle, discoloured nails, often times associated with the harsh chemicals found in nail polish. As physicians they have always been interested in the products their patients use and are happy to offer nail care products formulated with their nail health in mind.

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