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16th May 2022 
Reflexology - Conception & Pregnancy. pregnancy bump

Reflexology for your conception and pregnancy journey

I am fully trained in reflexology to support clients through conception, pregnancy and beyond.  My last 3 clients who I have treated to encourage LABOUR have all started their labour within 12 hours of my visit. There is no guarantee that reflexology will help overdue pregnancy go into labour, but by relaxing the body it helps prevent the fight or flight response in the body. So in order to protect the baby if the body is experiencing stress it will not wish to commence labour. By relaxing the body it believes it is safe.


I wish I could offer a solution to those trying to conceive, unfortunately I cannot.  What I can do is discuss lifestyle changes to maximise your chances of conceiving and help your body be in balance both physically and mentally. Stress has a major impact when trying to conceive and you will see that many fertility clinics offer reflexology to help patients relax.

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Again, I cannot take away any complications or worries during pregnancy.  Reflexology can bring balance to your body, mind and aid in reducing the symptoms of pregnancy.  One of the most important things during pregnancy is relaxation.  I aim to work with your midwife providing a booklet in order for us to communicate with your midwifery team.

I have lots of contacts including a Duala, private midwife and a parent support team to aid with any parenting issues.

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