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16th May 2022 
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Frequently Asked Questions and Links to other sites


"Thank you very much for fitting me in at the last minute Jo, had a lovely hour of relaxation" - Anon

"I see Jo monthly for reflexology and it is my me time to actually stop, relax and recharge. Jo make all this possible with her skills, advice and friendly manner" - Anon

"Jo is friendly and approachable and deals with my children really well and they look forward to going" - Anon

"Jo has been working on my elderly monther-in-laws feet for about a year now. When she began they were in a terrible state, but thanks to jo they are healthy and much more comfortable for her. I can't recommend her enough, jo is amazing." Rachelle Oakley

"I had a medi-pedicure today. It was very relaxing and enjoyable! Everything you would expect to have included with a pedicure at a beauty salon with the added bonus of Jo's knowledge and skills of medical footcare. This has enable me to have pretty toes for a SPA trip away. Thank you Jo! x" Sophie Mannell

"Met Johanne today and she answered my questions about my toddlers feet with knowledge and some simple ways I could check her toes myself. Johanne has an in-depth knowledge on all things feet! More than just a pedicure! Thanks Johanne" Caroline Domanska


What can I expect in my first session?

Please allow 90 minutes in order to complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire.  I will then cleanse your feet with Witch Hazel. The session begins with a short massage, followed by reflexology and will end with a longer massage using a dermatologically tested moisturiser.  At the end of the session I will discuss with the client future treatment needs.

Do I need to do anything prior to my session?

It is helpful to remove nail varnish, but realise that this is not always possible, especially with shellac polish.  Looser clothing around the lower leg assists with massage to the calf muscle area.  I understand that clients would like me to see their feet as their best and are tempted to remove hard skin, but seeing feet in their natural state is very useful.   As they say on embarrassing bodies "I have seen it all before!"

How many sessions will I need?

This is dependent on the reason for attending and how a client responds to treatment.  I would hope that a client would have a significant improvement within five sessions.  I cannot be specific as some people notice improvement after the first session whilst others need to get used to having the treatment.  Clients usually have weekly treatments to start and then followed by fortnightly and then return monthly for maintenance treatment.

Can you diagnose medical conditions?

No, only a qualified doctor can diagnose a medical condition.  When completing the therapy I may observe imbalances in the body that could indicate potential issues. 


What happens in a session?
A session will take between 30 - 60 minutes depending on what treatment is required. Firstly a few details will be taken regarding medications and health in order to ensure any treatment is carried out safely. Treatment will then be agreed. The feet will be cleaned and observed with any issues discussed with the client. Once treatment has been completed cuticle oil will be applied and feet massaged using appropriate cream .

How often do i need to come?
Nails grow at different rates and if a condition is being treated such as a verruca timings between appointments may vary. As a guide I would normally expect to see a client every 6 weeks.

What happens to all the information you take?
Under the Data Protection Act all paper and computer based personal information will be kept in secure files.  I will not share any information with other parties without  prior permission. UPDATE In May 2018 a new Data Protection Law is being introduced called GDPR, As a Healthcare Professional I have registered and will be complying with all the laws. As of May I will be giving all my customers a GDPR Form to sign. Your contact details will be used to follow up on treatments or to inform you regarding new services. The only time I will share any information with other organisations is with consent if I need to speak to your GP or other medical professional. Without consent to GP or other medical professional if I feel you are a danger to yourself or others. General address and payment details will be shared with my accountant to comply with legal HMRC obligations. If you wish to see what I hold on my files please contact me at or 07850049750 and I will send you a request form to be completed.

Any further question call me 07850049750 or

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