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Are your feet winter ready?

Cracked, dry, painful or sore feet - Its that time of year when feet become ignored and neglected until their is a problem.

It is important to:

1. Keep nails short as they can get caught on socks and get damaged,
2. Make sure boots/shoes still fit so they do not cause corns, calluses or ingrowing toe nails from pressure from ill fitting shoes/boots.
3. Re-heel your shoes/boots as it can affect the way we walk, and our posture leading to back problems and calluses on your feet from pressure.
4. Cream your feet.
5. You may suffer from Athletes foot from being enclosed. If you do suspect you have this please speak to either a Foot Professional or your pharmacist about treatment. Don't forget to treat your shoes and wash you socks on a hot wash.
6. Chilblains - If you suffer from chilblains massage your feet, put on socks and use appropriate pain relief suitable with you own personal medical history (see advice from pharmacist if you are unsure). DO NOT PUT YOUR FEET ON A DIRECT HEAT SOURCE SUCH AS RADIATOR OR HOT WATER [email protected]

Do not ignore any issues as easier to treat in the early stages,

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